MLM Prospecting

Gold miners in 1849 had to choose places to mine that weren’t already depleted of the precious metal they were ceaselessly in search of. Think similarly when doing your own MLM prospecting because you do not want to search around where prospects have already been exhaustively approached by other network marketing firms.

You need to implement an MLM prospecting system that discovers new leads attracted to network marketing lifestyles. The best way for you to bring the right kind of leads to your business is to establish your own lead generation system, one that draws the right kind of people to your business so that you bypass lousy leads.

You don’t want to dedicate too much time and attention to slackers who are only trolling about the Internet to dabble but not dedicate themselves to any MLM business.  Rather focus on your MLM training.

You must realize that the process of prospecting requires a little bit of time and patience. Miners invested countless hours trying to find as much gold as they could so they could accumulate any kind of wealth, but you won’t have to work as hard as they did. You can still expect to put in a few good hours as you perform your own MLM prospecting and MLM coaching, but the work will not involve any blood, sweat, or sunburns.

Ideally, you also want so develop a systems that teaches your new recruits how to prospect through various online network marketing training sessions. That way your new distributors can get started immediately learning about how to recruit others into their business.