7 Powerful Secrets To Generating An Endless Stream Of Qualified MLM Leads

Are you sick and tired of chasing friends and family, being hung up on by acquantances, and sadly being a member of the NFL (no, not football, but the No Friends Left club)?

Well, so was I!

At one point early on in my network marketing career some of my family started “no showing” for regular Sunday lunches (we’ve been doing for years) for fear of having me pitch them again on my business. I actually had one of my uncles tell me to never contact him again after I invited him lunch to “ambush” him with my opportunity.

Honestly, It SUCKED!!! You ever had any experience like that?

I had ran through all of my warm market and made only a couple sales (of which, none of them did anything) only to find myself staring at a yellow notepad with a list of names, that had been crossed through so many times I was wearing holes in the paper, wondering if I was cut out for this business and how long it was going to take for me to repair/ rebuild all of the bridges I’d burnt.


I stumbled onto a small internet ad promising endless streams of qualified, credit card in hand, leads for ANY network marketing company. Of course, I thought it was a bunch of crap and probably a scam


being as desperate as I was, I clicked on it anyway :). What I found was something that was a real “ah Ha” or “lightbulb on” moment for me and completely changed my outlook and my business forever.

More on that in a minute, but for now, here’s the 7 powerful secrets I promised you to generating and endless supply of MLM Leads:

Secret 1: Learn, study, and practice the art of attraction marketing.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have qualified, motivated people chasing you down to join your business instead of the other way around?

Secret 2: Don’t try to sell steaks to vegetarians.

How many people have you shown your opportunity (the steak) to that were never going to be interested prospects (vegetarians)?

Secret 3: Use the internet to generate an ongoing stream of New, Fresh leads for your business.

There’s only 1 of you, but what if you could duplicate your efforts 24/7, wouldn’t that be sweet!

Secret 4: Use automation to follow up with your leads and sell them on your opportunity.

Stop chasing people. By automating your follow up, you’ll spend the bulk of your time with people who are ready, willing, and able to get started, not tomorrow, but RIGHT NOW!

Secret 5: Use simple webpages to show them the plan, perfectly, without fail to multiple prospects at the same time, while you work on other more important aspects of your business.

Again, there’s only 1 of you, but your website can be viewed, simultaneously by 100s of people.

Secret 6: Get people to pay YOU, even when they say NO to your opportunity and business.

All of the sudden there’s money flowing in that can help you expand and grow your business at a “face melting” rate. Best of all, it’s from people that told you NO. Isn’t it cool that those people are helping fund your ongoing, endless stream of leads?

Secret 7: Duplicate the process for your team.

Let’s face it, the “mailbox”, residual money in network marketing/ mlm is through duplication. Start running team coops to generate leads for your entire team.

You’ve just been given the success blueprint that made everything change for me. Contained in those 7 simple secrets is the formula for vast amounts of success in network marketing.

Oviously those are just the cliff notes of a more in depth process, but you now have the concept of what’s possible. If you’re interested in the whole enchilada, the “ah ha”, “lightbulb on” package, grab a copy of our in depth, 116 page, Attraction Marketing Formula report now.

It’s time to stop worrying about generating MLM leads, and start building your network marketing empire, wouldn’t you agree?

Click here to grab a copy, before the price goes up.

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