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Visalus Sciences is a network marketing company based out of in Troy, Michigan. Ryan Blair is the head guy, who has made it his mission to make Visalus the quickest emerging company in the US. Visalus focuses in selling weight loss and power items, and is well-known for their 90-day program called – The Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge. The curriculum offers clients and number of enticements so they are able to earn rewards when they start to lose their weight.

Visalus Review

Those who are interested in becoming a distributor with Visalus will need to pay a $ 49 fee when they sign up. All distributors begin on the first level, in which no rewards or bonuses are received. If an associate wants to receive these rewards and/or bonuses they’ll need to opt for the $499 fee for the Executive program level, which gives them access to the reward program. Also, the choice to sign up or higher levels is an option. For example, a $999 fee will add 30 additional sample sets to the reward choices.

Visalus distributors will receive a 30-day trial subscription to the Vi-Net marketing system. After the 30 days are over, a fee of $24 per month is applied.

The Visalus pay plan offers its distributers a number of features that can help them earn more money with the company. There are more than a few options when it comes to earning more revenue, position encouragements, as well as left over income. Residual profit are essentially the foundation of any kind of MLM company.

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Bottom Line
Currently, Visalus is a force to be reckoned with. They are a company that’s been setting records when it comes to their sales and enlisting new people to distribute the products. Nevertheless, not everyone is going to find the success they’re looking for when they sign up to sell Visalus products. If truth be told, the high majority of distributors are not going to meet their goals. Why?

Mainly because brand-new associate will begin selling to all of their friends and family, which is considered a warm market and will thus run out soon enough. Once they get to this point, most distributors don’t know what to do next, leading to their frustration and dissatisfaction, ultimately causing them to quit.

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