Melaleuca – Scam or Legitimate Company?

People who first hear about Melaleuca tend to wonder if Melaleuca is a scam or a truly legitimate company. And since there are currently lots of MLM companies in business, it can be somewhat puzzling to decide which company is the best to join. This is why many people perform some research first – to find the best company possible to join.

Melaleuca is a home-based business that has been around since the 1980’s. The name comes from a tea tree, which is the key component used in all the Melaleuca products. Frank VanderSloot began the company, which was initially called – Oil of Melaleuca, Inc. But when the company began to decline in sales, it was soon revamped into Melaleuca, Inc., otherwise known as Melaleuca, “The Wellness Company.”

Many people don’t associate Melaleuca with a direct marketing company, and would rather be known as a direct marketing company and not as an Multi-Level Marketing company (MLM).

Melaleuca – The Wellness Company

Once the company began to establish itself, their focus was placed on kosher-certified, organic products. Only all natural ingredients that had no preservatives or chemicals were used so they could be known as an environmentally-friendly company. And they found that the main ingredient – tea tree oil – could be put into a variety of cleaning and wellness products, so they started selling supplements, vitamins, beauty products, shampoos, detergents, make-up and more.

Many people have found the Melaleuca company to be a fantastic business opportunity. Anyone who’s interested in selling the products can sign up as a representative, and can earn a 7% commission on what they sell. It’s important to understand that minimum monthly requirements must be met to stay active, which is common for most network marketing companies. Reps are paid their commissions by check.

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Direct Marketing vs. Multi-Level Marketing

Although these two terms are similar, many people tend to view them as very different. They tend to associate an MLM company with negativity, which is unfortunate. When someone first joins a direct marketing or MLM company, they are inclined to buy into the hype that they can make lots of money in a very short amount of time. At first, their drive and determination starts out fast, but as soon as the warm market runs out they are often left without any new prospects, so they quit, which makes the failure rate rise.

Therefore, many people get discouraged and quit, which is unfortunate because they can ask for help so they can find the success they want selling Melaleuca products. Those who have been successful selling Melaleuca for years attribute their success to making sure they’ve got a great marketing plan to follow.

Is Melaleuca a Scam?

The question of whether or not Melaleuca is a scam or not comes up often because it’s a company that’s associated with multi-level marketing. The answer is an easy one – Melaleuca scam claims are not true. Melaleuca is a genuine direct-selling company that has a focus on making the best health and wellness products.

In fact, there are many Melaleuca reps who are making a lot of money with this wellness company. How do they do it? They keep in mind that it all boils down to how badly you want to make it happen. The 2 methods for making money selling Melaleuca are, 1. selling the products yourself, 2. recruiting other people to sell the Melaleuca products.

If Melaleuca is Legit, Why Do So Many Representative’s Fail?
There are 2 main reasons why someone would fail, 1. the business isn’t being taken seriously and don’t have the proper attitude necessary to succeed. Getting involved with free enterprise involves a lot from someone, making it essential that they’re able to perform at their absolute best.

The second reason? A lack of training, especially when it comes to marketing. Although the Melaleuca company will help teach those who want to sell their products a few marketing ideas and approaches, the bulk of the work will be up to the rep. A goal of reaching at least 10 – 15 people every day is a good place to start.

What Makes a Melaleuca Representative Successful?
The secret to selling Melaleuca successfully is to become an expert in all of their products. Those who are seen as a leader are going to find that people will come to them, because they’ve already acquired what it takes to succeed in this industry. They’ll also take the time to empower themselves through additional training and coaching.

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