Boosting Health And Making Money With Melaleuca

Melaleuca is a company with a long and illustrious presence. If you were to believe that the wellness industry is a relatively new market, you’d be wrong. Melaleuca have been trading for more than twenty-five years. They have a broad range of products, all designed with one goal – to improve the lives of everyday people.


Apart from the benefits on offer through their products, there is also the possibility of becoming wealthier through direct membership. The company is an MLM business, this means that anybody can sign up with them and promote their goods to others, and in return receive a handsome reward. Whatever your interest, it would be useful to learn a little more about what makes the company stand apart from others.

The name of the company comes from a plant genus that is packed full of health giving properties. Most people know of Tea Tree Oil and its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial potency, well Tea Tree belongs to this same genus. It is apt that the company chose such a name, as their products are marketed to improve the physical well-being of consumers.

Since the business began in 1985, it has grown to become a multi million dollar company. In fact, in 2011, product sales topped the eight hundred million dollar mark, making it one of the biggest wellness firms in the US. With more people being made aware of the importance of using eco-friendly and natural products, it is predicted that turnover and profits will continue to rise for the foreseeable future.

Very few businesses today have such a diverse product range as what this company does. What’s more, they claim to use only natural and sustainable ingredients in each of their products. As the demand for environmental friendly consumer items rises, more people will appreciate the safe and toxin free products which Melaleuca offers.

As of today, their product range includes Melaleuca oil, nutritional supplements, cosmetics, and environmentally friendly household goods. It is perhaps because they have such a broad selection of products that the company has become so profitable. Even in those areas in which there is a lot of competition, their excellent marketing and proven structure has helped them to become and retain their position as market leaders.

If you have an interest in signing up as a distributor, there is a genuine potential to make a more than attractive income. If you have a large network of contacts, you can easily generate a healthy amount of money through retail. Another option would be to create your own downline through which a residual income can be earned.

What needs to be understood is that through Melaleuca you are not going to become super rich overnight. As with any MLM business it takes time and dedication to achieve desired goals. But, what is certain is that the products are very much in demand. If you are looking for a way to earn an extra income, their business plan is certainly worth checking out. Membership cost is low and the potential is vast.